I offer a 20 minute complimentary phone consultation to support your wellness planning and help you find the best service fit.

Do you bill insurance?

My individual and group counseling and consultation services are self-pay. I support clients and families who need convenient, specialized and flexible services in trauma, dual-diagnosis, acute and other recovery care.

Will you work with my doctor on medications?

I will help you be your own best expert in collaborating with your providers. And, of course, I will appropriately provide consultation to your doctor or prescriber or any professional entity with whom you feel it would be appropriate for me to advocate and coordinate your care.

I have nearly five years experience in coordinated care systems – both for urgent and long term care purposes. I am committed to helping clients build and maintain quality relationships with their appropriate providers and supports.

I have counseled hundreds of clients during ongoing medication therapy and trial/adjustments. I provide the experienced counseling support that works alongside medication symptom management.

If you feel that medication supports for depression, anxiety, mood, trauma, sleep, smoking cessation or other concerns might be a good fit for you, I can help you clarify your experience, expectations, as well as manage acceptance on the results of medication therapies.

About Hope House parking

Please do not drive behind Hope House as there is no turn-around. There is 2 hour public parking on SE Adams, Main and Washington streets. If you park on Main, walk up the path by the post office and Broken Arrow Archery.